Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We love CHOP!

For those of you who have not been to CHOP, I'm going to describe some of the reasons its a wonderful place! Today Jensen received a sock monkey from Operation Sock Monkey. One of Dr. Fuller's past patients works with this organization to hand make sock monkeys for patients on the CICU. (Dr. Fuller picked out the one for Jensen, she said it was the cutest one there!) OSM also works with Clowns Without Borders. They provide comic relief for families with kids in the hospital, as well as entertainment after natural disasters and other emergencies.

We also learned about CHOP's broadcast channel today. Inside the hospital, they have a televised game show that kids participate in. Its called Wheel of Wonder! Kids call in from their hospital rooms and spin the wheel and get to do a variety of activities: pictionary, singing, etc. Its so sweet to see the kiddos get excited about winning at their activity!

Right now, there is also a Scholastic book fair going on in the atrium. All the proceeds go to the hospital's research programs. Of course Clifford, the Big Red Dog, made an appearance. (Jeremy was sad he missed meeting Clifford.)

Everyday there is something new going on, some fun game for kids to play, a cute dog from pet therapy to pet. On any given day you can walk down the halls and see kids flying down the hallway with light sabers while their nurses run behind them dragging IV poles! You see world-renowned cardiologists playing with kids as they roll down the hall in their little red wagon. Its such an amazing place with a very happy atmosphere. We are so fortunate to be able to take our boy here. We could not imagine any better hospital for Jensen.

Here's a picture of Jensen's shelf by his bed, with his brand new sock monkey!

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