Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fontan prep

Oh my how time is flying by! We are well under way for preparing for the Fontan. June 6 is coming up faster than I would like, but we are ready to get it over with!

Jensen has been making huge improvements in speech and is starting to say words on a regular basis. He is hilarious and is always trying to make us laugh! We are busy making sure we cram as much fun in as possible before the big surgery day. We have gone to the zoo a couple of times already, we went to the beach, we have had ice cream for dinner, and late movie nights with Jensen =) Hey...this kid gets a free pass for fun for all that he's about to go through!

We will be posting more updates as we get closer to the Fontan date, letting you all know the progress  of how things are going. Be sure to add yourself to the Willis Family Heart Facebook group so you can see more Jensen cuteness! While we are in Philadelphia I will probably be doing more quick updates on the Facebook group since it is so much easier to use and upload pictures =)

Thank you all for your prayers as we prepare to send our brave little man back into surgery <3

And lastly, for those of you who have asked about what Jensen's surgery specifically entails, here is a much better explanation of the surgery than what I can explain!