Thursday, July 18, 2013

More walking!

jensen walking a video by amyjo1050 on Flickr.
I totally watch these videos on repeat once he goes to bed.This boy is such a miracle. I love him to pieces!

Jensen is walking!!

Jensen is walking!! a video by amyjo1050 on Flickr.
As promised, the video of Jensen walking! I couldn't be more proud of him! This was easily one of the best days of my life <3

Monday, July 8, 2013

This boy's making strides!

In the past month we have done a lot of totally normal, fun things =) Jensen is having a blast enjoying all this mommy play time! We have been to Marbles Kids Museum a couple times now and for those of you who are local, you need to plan a trip there! Its super fun and has activities for all ages, even little babes like Jensen. He's been splashing in his water table, working on holding a crayon correctly, feeding himself and learning sign language like a mad man!

These are supposed to be instruments to help him walk....he would rather eat. Silly boy.

He's going to be a ship captain one day. He loves to steer!
Jensen recently took his first independent step <3 It was just that, one step. But in my eyes, it was a step toward achieving our goals. It was a step to show how far he's come. A step that made this mama instantly burst into tears and squeeze my kiddo until he started squirming out of my arms. It was incredible and amazing and beautiful and I could name a million other words to describe it. 
He asks me to read to him all the time...smarty pants =)

You mean I didn't get it all into my mouth?
I am so proud of that boy. He's stronger every day and his brain has healed in miraculous ways. Seeing him get closer and closer to walking brings me back to the days when he was on ECMO, swollen beyond recognition, and teetering on the edge. I saw the scans of his brain. Without any knowledge on how to read it, I could tell it was devastating. And now he's here. About to walk. Learning new signs every day. Trying to dress himself. Making connections. Growing up. I am so blessed.

He would rather stretch like this then have to take a few steps! He's so stubborn!

There are many heart moms who are struggling right now. So many of them with kids in surgery, on ECMO, struggling to gain weight, desatting as they near the next surgery, and so on. I wish I could just hug them all and tell them it gets better. Jensen is proof that it gets better. There will be struggles & more surgery ahead, but for now we are grateful for this time that he can enjoy such a normal, happy life. 
He's so handsome 
Please continue to pray for the heart community. Specifically Jensen's heart buddies Xavier and Weston need prayers, as do their families. I love my heart sisters Jackie and Julie and wish I could be with them at CHOP just to give them a hug =)

We will be heading to Philadelphia at the end of the month and I will be sure to update with plenty of pictures and details of our trip! And of course, any independent walking by a certain little boy will be cause for immediate blogging so the whole world knows of his accomplishments....stay tuned...