Thursday, March 14, 2013

Catching up

I have been seriously slacking on my blogging duties lately! Since my last post we have been settling into our new home in Angier (for those of you who don't know apparently its pronounced AN-jr). We absolutely love living here. The pic above is us on closing day! We had zero furniture but we stayed at the house and camped out on the floor together. We are super close to Raleigh & Cary but we are still surrounded by farmland. Our neighbors have been fantastic and I've met a great group of heart moms from all over the Triangle. Life is pretty good these days!

Jensen had a great first birthday party! He wasn't too keen on the cake smash, mostly because he was scared having so many people around him (he's used to having a nice quiet house with mommy and daddy). He did manage to cover me with plenty of cake and we both had to do a mid-party wardrobe change. The birthday boy was absolutely pooped and didn't even stay awake long enough to sing happy birthday, he took a very long nap that day! 

Jensen has been continuing to work on his leg strength in physical therapy. He has been standing for 6 minutes at a time, but only if he watches something fascinating like Baby Mozart! He struggles with bearing weight for that long and by the end of 6 minutes his legs are trembling, but he's such a trooper! He army crawls everywhere and is now starting to get on his hands and knees! He also has been pulling up on anything he can find, because he realized there so much more to see when you are on your knees :)

As you can see, he has no trouble getting around. He gets into everything! He is especially good at ripping up paper and helping me unpack boxes. His name "Capt Destructo" has more meaning now! Needless to say, our new house is on its way to being baby-proofed. He's already tried to explore electricity by shoving things into outlets. 

 This kiddo loves being outside. On a day when he's especially grumpy and teething, some vitamin D will cheer him up super quick! He loves to ride around in his wagon or his stroller. We blow bubbles and chase each other...he is such a boy!

Playing outside is fun but exhausting...

Since we are getting settled here, we have found a new pediatrician for Jensen. All of his other specialists will stay the same but his primary care doc is changing. It is so hard to find a practice that will 1) accept our insurance 2) meet the criteria that our cardio outlined as far as having enough MDs available to see him 3) be willing to treat such a complex kid. So after much searching and many many phone calls, I finally found a new practice and we will be going to see them next week. Now, for the hardest part...gathering his medical records. I have to get them as much info as possible without giving them unnecessary stuff. Jensen's records are literally thousands of pages, there's no way they will look through all of that so I'm going to do it for them! Its going to be a blast (said with extreme sarcasm). 

Jensen did have a cardiology appointment yesterday and it went so well I was in disbelief! My blue baby that always has low oxygen sats was sitting pretty and pink(ish) at 82 yesterday =) Dr. Robinson didn't even need a full echo because that number speaks volumes about how well his pulmonary arteries are doing. Jensen had a quick echo to check his heart function, which was great, and we were done! Dr. Robinson took him off of Lasix (the last oral med he is on) and we don't go back for 3 months! Its amazing how far this little guy has come. I'm so grateful for appointments like that =)