Monday, May 13, 2013

Confessions of a really bad housewife...

I like to think that while Jeremy's gone working that I'm "holding down the fort" and making my best efforts to fill the roles of both parents. Some days after Jensen goes to sleep I look around at my clean(ish) house and think to myself, "Hmm, not too shabby". Today...was not that kind of day. 

The truth is, there are some things that my silly little woman's brain just can not understand. For example: the sprinkler. I'm not sure if its a mechanical issue (seriously, how many options and buttons can there be on one sprinkler?!) or if its my pitiful spacial reasoning skills. You know that career inventory that you are given in 8th grade that helps give insight into what your future holds? I failed the spacial planning section if that helps you in the visual I'm about to provide.

I had already thoroughly sprayed the house, front door, cars, and several passing cars when I finally figured out how to get the sprinkler to work in the front yard. So Jensen and I took a lovely walk around the neighborhood while it watered the front. When we come back I had Jensen in the stroller on the patio and I was talking to my mom on the phone. I moved the sprinkler to the backyard and was  admiring my handy work  (hmmm, not too shabby). As I am about to move it again, I walk right into the jet stream of water...soaking my hair, face, jacket. I am laughing so hard I scare Jensen and he starts crying. Trying to get to him quickly, I just shove the sprinkler in the ground and put him in the house but leave the backdoor open. As I'm sitting him down on the floor, I hear the sprinkler coming around the side of the house. Jensen has decided to to to crawl at light speed and is blocking the door with his body so I can't close it before water shoots him and directly into my house! It was like a car wreck that is happening in slow motion...I just could stop it! I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard!! I don't know what I said to my mom but I hung up with her to tend to a screaming Jensen and my soaking wet house.

On the bright side: I got to do an impromptu mopping of the kitchen and dining room floors (super fun), I got to put on a fabulously funny show for my neighbors and laugh hysterically at myself (and then laugh all over again as I write this!). 

The moral of the story is brain must really be smaller. Ron Burgundy was right, its science. 

Hope you all have a wonderful night =)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bring on the summer fun!

They always say no news is good news. That's true for us, we've been living a totally normal life and haven't even thought about updating! Jensen is doing awesome and we are now only going to the cardiologist every 3 months! I remember a time when we were driving from Raeford to UNC or Cary multiple times a week, every single week. He's come so far =)

This boy seriously loves being outside!

Jensen is now 14 months old, 23ish pounds, and on the verge of walking. When Jensen does anything he does it with style and that's exactly what has happened with his developmental achievements lately. He went from barely pulling up to his pulling up to standing...then taking steps while holding on to the couch... all in about 2 weeks!  His physical therapist is amazed but not so surprised. She knows our boy well!

 He is incredibly strong and has so much determination. Jensen works so hard and it makes me proud to be his mom. There are some days I wish I could just do it all for him. Carry him so he doesn't have to try to walk. Hand him his toys so he doesn't have to struggle. I know he needs to be challenged and he will only grow stronger from all of this hard work, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch. On the days I almost forget about his heart, I am quickly reminded when we walk one lap around his bedroom and he's out of breath and sweaty. Or when he is trying to coordinate his steps in physical therapy and there are sweaty footprints on the mat bc he is trying so hard. 

This boy absolutely melts my heart. He is a mama's boy through and through. His only response when we try to get him to say words is "maa mama". I love this kid so darn much! He now gives super tight hugs and puppy kisses, it cracks us up every time! 

Such a dare devil! 

Jensen is such a night owl! He would much rather stay up late with mommy and daddy than go to bed early. Even if we do get him to sleep at his early bedtime, he will wake up around midnight...laughing and ready to play! Of course we can't resist his sweet little laugh so we get up with him and play! (He may be a tad spoiled!)

Jensen and his cousin Payton

 Jensen went on his first zoo trip and LOVED looking at the animals, and all of the little kids there! He loves to play outside in the pool or at his water table. Jensen is all about some wagon rides around the neighborhood, we go for a ride at least once every day.

Jeremy will be busy with work this summer so Jensen and I have a lot of fun stuff planned. We are going to the beach, then to Philly, plus trips to see the grandparents, and probably some day trips around the area. He is going to be one well-traveled little boy!

His new big boy haircut!