Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting better and better

Sorry for not updating much today, we've been busy loving on our boy! He's done so well today. The goal for today was to have no changes and he's some just that! Last night he did start having continuous seizures. Although it sounds bad, it was expected from his doctors. Dr.Licht is his neurologist and is one of two top neurologists in the country. He is not too concerned because they have been able to stop the seizures. As far as long term damage, it is hard to tell but Jensen is young and adaptable. I will be worried when Dr.Licht is.

Jensen's HR is lower and looking good, so is his BP. His kidney function is great so they are still working to get some fluid off. In the morning Dr. Fuller will be opening his chest to drain off the fluid. I'm a little nervous about it but Jeremy and I trust Jensen's life to Dr. Fuller.

He is still moving around some and making a pouty face every time we do mouth care! We definitely love him more every day, I didn't know that was possible :)


  1. I knew you could love him more each day! Mom

  2. I knew too! You will continue to love him more and more. Each time you look at him your heart will just swell with love. I am so glad we are getting good reports. We love him so much and continue to pray for him. Love you and Jeremy too and definitely praying for you too!