Monday, February 27, 2012

Waiting on the wash out

Jensen is looking especially cute today! He had an IV taken out of his foot so I can play with his cute little toes now! They did a trial of taking him off ECMO and he did really well. They put him back on right away but they think he is strong enough to handle coming off in the next 24-48 hrs. They still want to monitor his creatinine levels (measures kidney function) and make sure they are stable before they start to wean from ECMO. Dr. Fuller will make a decision about that tomorrow. He has not had any more seizures but they are going to keep the EEG on for another day to monitor him. I'm so happy with how he's doing!

This morning I received a very sweet message from a special group of women. Sisters By Heart has been so helpful since Jensen was first diagnosed and they continue to shower me with support and helpful advice. I am so lucky to be a part of these heart mamas! The link to their page is on the right side of the blog. There is a ton of info on their page and you can donate to help them make their care packages for newly diagnosed families.

We will update once Jensen is finished with the wash out.

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