Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good day!

Jensen is having such a good day today! His HR is in the 130s, BP is 70s/40s, creatinine is stable, he is peeing up a storm and his swelling is much better! Today feels like such a relief. We have brought in a few things to decorate his bed with so now it looks super cute! We also have been fighting over who gets to kiss him the most...his cute little pouty face I'd irresistible!

Although Jensen is having a great day I'm still worried about his neighbor Christian. They were born on the same day and we've gotten to know the family, they are wonderful people. Christian has TGA and has surgery this morning. There were a few complications but he's back in the CICU now. We saw how worried and anxious his parents were today and knew exactly how they felt. It's unbelievably nerve-wracking to wait for surgery to end. It's even worse when it takes longer than expected because of complications. Minutes feel like days. I still can't believe Jensen is only a week old, I feel like he's been in the hospital for a month!

Please continue to pray for our baby boy and all the other heart warriors fighting along side him.

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