Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hoping for a good night

We stayed with Jensen until night rounds. He was pretty stable for several hours. He still has a lot of fluid draining right now which his doctors are hoping to slow down. The excess fluid is still driving up his HR to around 190-200. He is making a normal amount of urine, which is always a good sign. He is showing no signs of seizure activity, which can happen when a patient has been O2 deprived and under anesthesia  for so long. So basically the goal for tonight was to focus on getting rid of fluid.

He is awake now but of course he's on heavy meds. He moved his tongue around when we gave him mouth care and moved his feet while I was talking to him. (Mouth care is when we take a cotton swab dipped in colostrum and rub it inside his cheek so he can absorb all the good stuff.) Overall we feel much better about him tonight than this morning. He is improving at his own pace.


  1. So many prayers for you from Duffield, VA :) Tammy, Haley, Aiden, and Chris

  2. We have many prayer chains for Jensen, you & Jeremy. Love, Sandie Ehlers