Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good news

Jensen is finished with surgery but they are keeping him in the OR hybrid suite to monitor him. They were able to drain a large amount of fluid from his chest, which was probably causing the HR and BP issues. They put in a bigger size chest tube to help drain any more fluid but so far he hasn't had any more fluid buildup. They decided not to cath him yet because he didn't seem to need it. He is off of his High dose BP meds and is back on a standard dose. We still don't know about blocking his BT shunt yet. Dr. Fuller did say that the reason the BT didn't work is because Jensen's anatomy is different. The arteries in his arm branch more into small arteries instead of one big artery. The Sano is working very well now and she is pleased with his heart function.

Things are definitely looking up. Of course we still have a long road to go, but it is so nice to hear good news.


  1. Wow. That is a lot for one guy. Our prayers continue for Jensen. He is proving to be abfighter from the get go!!

  2. Keep fighting hard little dude <3