Friday, February 24, 2012

Still in the OR

Jensen is finished with the surgery and his chest is closed but they are monitoring him in the OR. His BP,O2, etc all look good, but he is showing signs of making acid. They are adjusting his meds to find a combo that he tolerates better. To prevent a repeat of today's earlier events, they will keep him in the OR in case they need to go back in for any reason. This day is never ending. I can only imagine how terrible Jensen feels if Jeremy and I are this bad. Hopefully it will only be another hour or so until he's back in the CICU.


  1. You're not alone! Zoe's CBC was all out of whack after her second surgery as well. It's just a balancing act of meds; they'll get it right. I bet you could use some of the good drugs Jensen's getting to help ease your mind!

  2. Just to let you all know you continue to be on our hearts tonight...sharing your burden from Kingsport...Val and Dave Ford