Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another long day

Jensen had an ok night. His BP was up and down but his other numbers are good (liver,kidney,etc). He developed a pleural effusion that needs to be drained.They planned to take him to the cath lab to see what was going on, but his HR kept dropping so they quickly decided to take him back into surgery this morning.They are going to block off his old BT shunt completely in the hopes it will raise and stabilize his BP.They will also look for the source of the bleeding.As of now, he is still on ECMO but they might switch the side of his neck it is on. They did an ultrasound on his head last night to Check for bleeding in his brain(standard test for ECMO patients). They did not see any sign of bleeding in the brain but there could be a site of injury around the thalamus. They said not to worry too much about this yet bc ischemia is hard to determine on ultrasound.

It has definitely been a roller coaster couple of days. It seems like for each piece of good news there's bad news immediately following. It is so hard to see him fine one minute and then the next thing we know 20 people (literally) are rushing in and his HR is 20.

Please keep us in your prayers. His body needs to heal so badly to give his heart a break. Jeremy and I need a lot of strength and patients to get through this day.

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