Friday, February 24, 2012

In the CICU

We just talked to Dr. Fuller. Jensen is back in the CICU. Some of his arteries (inominate and pulmonary) were smaller than anticipated and caused problems with his O2 levels. She had to do a revision on his BT shunt and that brought his numbers up, but they still aren't ideal. The plan for now is to increase his blood pressure to help oxygenate his lungs. The good news is that Dr. Fuller feels like this issue is a good one to have (if something had to go wrong). They are going to be checking him very often to see how he responds to the increase in blood pressure. If he doesn't tolerate it well, there is a possibility he could need to go back into surgery to have the Sano shunt placed.

She did say his heart function is incredible and he needed very little blood transfused. He came off of bypass with almost no meds (most kids need meds no matter how long they are on bypass). She is very impressed with how strong his pulses are. Dr. Fuller thinks his new aorta is "beautiful"!

Our philosophy this week is "small miracles". The small miracles are what's making us smile even when its tough. We know our little guy has a strong heart and we're sure he's going to do well!

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  1. So glad to read that she did the revision and his numbers look better. As he recovers, keep an eye on his sats and get to know HIS baseline, not what the nurses say is "normal". Hugs to both of you; I know you're drained. Take care of yourselves and get some rest tonight, if you can.