Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's not a sprint... is a 90 year old lady running a marathon. Progress is slow but definitely there and we are so thankful for that! Jensen is still pretty swollen but looks better today. His HR is better today too. Dr. Fuller started him on a diuretic bc there's still a lot of fluid. Tomorrow she will clean out his chest at the bedside to get rid of a few pockets of blood. Also she is hoping to have him off of ECMO by Tuesday or Wednesday. He is still on a constant EEG to monitor for any seizure activity and a neurologist will look at him today.

He is definitely moving a lot more this morning. It amazes me that even though he is on so many meds and has been through so much he still responds to us. He even moves his lips around during mouth care. Please keep praying for small steady improvements!

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  1. Prayers still coming your way. Glad to see he is hanging tough. We are here if you guys need anything. All our love. Steph and Matt