Sunday, March 25, 2012

We are being discharged Tuesday!

Yes! Yes! Yes! We finally get to bring our baby home! Jensen just finished his car seat test, tomorrow we have lots of loose ends to tie up, then Tuesday we are being discharged! We will be very busy tomorrow getting all the last minute things together: getting his feeding pump, pulse ox, scale, NG tube supplies, scheduling appointments with our home doctors, packing, buying plane tickets, etc...  It is so worth it though! We are beyond excited to be so close to going home =)

Jensen was very happy to see his favorite New Jersey-ians Sandy and John today! They have been such a blessing to us and we are so happy they could visit our little man before we went home. Now that we will be home with Jensen, we would love to have everyone meet him, but we have to keep his best interest in mind. Our doctors have told us to minimize his interactions with people to avoid any type of illnesses before his second surgery. The time between the two surgeries (interstage) is the most critical period of his journey and we don't want to jeopardize his health in any way. We know that so many people love this little boy and we promise you will all get to spend time with our little man. We will just have to post-pone it until his health is a little more stable =)

We cannot express our gratitude to all of Jensen's supporters. People we have known for years and people we have never met have continually prayed for us, supported us, and raised awareness for Jensen's condition. There have been many fundraisers, donations, and prayer chains from people all over the country. Jeremy and I are overwhelmed at everyone's generosity. Your prayers and kindness have touched our hearts...we feel so blessed! Thank you all so much for being on this journey with us. We have come so far but still have a long way to go...


  1. That is wonderful news!

  2. I am so glad that you all are so close to taking Jensen home & getting to have some family time. I can't wait to meet my nephew but will gladly post-pone for the sake of his health. Have a safe trip home with your little warrior!


  3. Yay!! So happy for you guys! Keeping you all in my prayers. I love reading all your great updates! Way to go Jensen, you rock!

    The Wrights

  4. I know this is literally a dream come true for you Amy!! So happy y'all get to take Jensen home and let him see the precious little nursery you guys worked so hard on. Make sure he knows how much we love him. Let me know when I can come see him and I'll be on the first flight out of TX! Love all of you very much! Kiss Jensen's face off for me!