Saturday, March 24, 2012

Waiting on weight gain

Jensen had a good day yesterday.  He had only one spitting up episode and took his bottles like a champ. His weight was up (only slightly) to 4.13 kg. Hey, progress is progress. He had a milk scan to look for reflux and to see how fast his stomach empties. Everything looked ok so now his team just needs to continue adjusting his milk formula so he can gain weight with minimal reflux. His morphine is now down to once a day, thank goodness! He was also started on Enalapril for his blood pressure. This will help to stave off any remodeling that can occur around the site of regurgitation at the aortic valve. The regurg is only classified as mild (used to be listed as moderate) but they want to be extra careful and prevent his BP from getting too high.  At this point the meds he will be going home on are:  Aspirin, Enalapril, Hydrocortisone (this was simply a stress dose to keep his steroid levels in balance during the surgeries, takes a long time to wean), and his 2 reflux meds. Hopefully we won't have to add any more to this list!

Jensen had another visitor yesterday! A fellow heart mom, Andrea, came to CHOP to donate toys to kids on the 6th floor. She and her HLHS cutie patootie Caleb saved a special toy for Jensen! It has been so great to meet other moms with the same experiences. These ladies are always so helpful and encouraging, I'm so lucky to know them! Thank you Andrea and Caleb =)

I love this little guy so  much!

Jensen and Mommy <3

Jensen and Daddy <3

Oh the many faces of Jensen (or Jeremy since they look so much alike!)

Sneaky face =)

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