Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stepping down?!

That's right! There's been talk of stepping Jensen down to the CCU! We have no idea when but we were told today he is "not an intensive care patient anymore"! Yay!

Jensen has been put on a regular cannula instead of the high flow and he's on 2 L at 30-40% O2 with sats in the 70s-80s. They're still working on weaning him but he has had some desats so it will just take time. His morphine is still being weaned and his feeds are up to 16 ml/hr! His belly is so much less swollen, he looks great! He now weighs 4.2 kg...he was 4.9 only a few days ago. He absolutely does NOT like chest PT! He turned bright red from all the screaming! His voice is still very hoarse from the breathing tube. Speech said yesterday that it will take about a week for it to sound more normal. He has been doing great sucking his binky and swallowing drops of milk. That's a good sign for feeding by mouth soon :)

We are so so grateful for everyone's prayers for Jensen! I know they are working because he is doing amazing! We are so blessed :)

From this morning: Jeremy thinks he is pondering world domination! I am just happy to see the art line out of that arm!

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