Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Jensen started his oral feeds on Monday and ended up taking 0.5 oz. The mixture is so thick he had a hard time getting any out and was exhausted by the end of the feed. Yesterday, speech made his formula a little thinner and he did wonderful! He took 0.5 oz that morning and made it look easy compared to the day before (although it was still tiring for him)! For his afternoon bottle, he took 1 whole ounce! That was a huge improvement to make in just a few hours. Also, he had gained a little bit of weight yesterday =)

Jensen is not only kicking butt on his bottle feeds, he has been on room air for almost 24 hours now! Jeremy and I even had our nurses turn off his monitoring screen so we can't see his sats. We are really comfortable with where he is with his oxygen and we need to get used to not having a screen tell us that he is dipping. One step closer to home!

Parents in the CCU have a big checklist of things to do before you can be discharged. It includes NG class, CPR, medicine administration, giving feeds, car seat test, etc. We had done everything we could, except for putting in his NG tube. We were waiting on it to either expire or for Jensen to pull it out himself. Well, yesterday it expired. Jeremy and I rock, paper, scissor-ed for it, and I won (or lost, depending on how you feel about torturing your child). I was so nervous and just knew I was going to traumatize my poor kid. Much to my surprise, it was super easy and Jensen didn't even cry! I was so impressed with my boy =)

No one has given us a discharge date, but I feel like our time in Philly is almost over...thank goodness! We are so ready to be home. We're tired of living in this hotel, eating out for every meal, and having to go to the hospital to spend time with our baby. We can't wait to be a family in our own house!
Sweet boy <3 He slept through the night for his mommy!

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  1. so happy for you guys! it sounds like jensen is just kinda chillin there and ready to finally go to his real home!