Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bye bye vent!

Yay! Our boy is doing fantastic :) he was extubated this morning! He is now on a high flow nasal cannula that's at 50% oxygen. He is being weaned off his morphine and has started feeds (again). He's has so many procedures lately he hasn't been able to feed for more than a few hours at a time before they make him NPO. So he's starting at 1 ml/hr of breast milk and increase by 1 ml every 4 hrs. He is still peeing like a champ! His swelling is going down slowly but surely. He had an echo this morning and everything looks normal. He had a small amount of leakage around the neoaorta but that is nothing to be concerned about. His left pulmonary artery looks good and has great blood flow through the stent. He will have his EEG tomorrow morning.

We are so happy to lose tubes everyday! We finally got to hold him ! We are one step closer to going home :)

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  1. that's exactly how they stitched up gabe's chest, i didnt see to many babies with the external stitches after heart surgery but let me tell you, i can barely see gabe's scar and his surgery was only 5 1/2 months ago. jensen may look fragile to everyone on the outside but to the doctors (and to you, and me, and everyone else whose baby had open heart surgeries) he looks great!!