Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting closer to home

We haven't moved to the CCU yet, but we are getting there! Today we took our first parent education class. We learned how to put in an NG tube in case he goes home with one. We still need to take CPR and a medication class next week. Jensen is on oral morphine AND lasix now! The only IV he has left are his steroids which are being weaned. His morphine dosage is very low...yay! His feeds are still continuous but he is up to 20 ml/hr. He is scheduled for a follow-up MRI in 2 weeks.

Jensen spends a lot of time cooing and being cute in general =) He was awake and content for a full hour today! Yesterday he spent a long time with me doing skin to skin! We have also been continuing to work on his sucking and he loves a milk-dipped binky! We are so in love with our little man <3

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