Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home at last

We made it home with our sweet boy :) I cannot describe how relieved we are to bring Jensen home. The trip was stressful to say the least but Jensen slept through most of it. We were anxious about how things would go at the airport with a newborn, medical equipment, milk and medicine. Everything went much more smoothly than we thought. The only thing that held us up was the milk. It had to be tested and then it set of an alarm. While we were waiting for a supervisor the TSA agent noticed the milk was in a CHOP cooler. She turned out to be a CHOP heart mom herself and after we chatted for a minute Jensen and I just got 'pushed' through the line...apparently the food wasnt an issue anymore! Meeting other heart moms is fabulous :)

Jeremy and I are beyond exhausted trying to get ourselves organized. We have a ton of bags to unpack and Jensen's med supplies to put away. There is only about a half hour between his feedings so there is hardly any time to get things done around the house. Hopefully in a few days we will have more of a routine and things will be easier.

Here we go on to the next leg of this journey...

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