Thursday, March 22, 2012

Talk of going home

Jensen's echo and ultrasound looked great today! He has fantastic collaterals formed around the blood clot in his leg, so he is getting adequate blood flow. His Sano looks wide open, as does the stent in his pulmonary artery. Dr. Fuller thinks there is no need for him to have a cath before he goes home (or during interstage either). She is hoping to get us discharged at the first of next week!

There are still some issues that I think will keep us here longer. Jensen HAS to gain to weight and get his acid reflux under control. He is taking small feeds by mouth, but ends up burning too many calories doing that. He still needs to practice with a bottle to maintain his sucking and swallowing skills, but he needs to gain weight badly. Today his attending decided to keep him practicing with bottle feeds (only in smaller amounts of milk) and to keep giving him bolus feeds through the NG tube throughout the day. In addition to this, they have put him on continuous feeds at night with his fortified breast milk. Hopefully this will help give him some calories without him working so hard! Keep your fingers crossed our boy gains some weight over the weekend!

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