Friday, March 9, 2012

Big steps today!

Jensen amazes me! He has come so far and keeps getting better. He is still on the high flow nasal cannula but it's down to 20-30%. The EEG was this morning and Dr.Licht is going to read it and then check on him. The chest xray from this morning was a little fuzzy, probably just from being intubated for so long. Respiratory will be doing some chest PT later. A speech pathologist will start working with him on Monday, they will be checking his vocal cords for any damage. He was taken off Milrinone (heart med) which was his last continuous drip! He is now receiving oral morphine with his food and it is being weaned slowly. His feeds are being increased so he's now getting 6 mls/hr! It's like a buffet! His swelling looks sooo much better today and his fellow called him "svelte" :)

Pics from today! He is definitely a blue

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