Friday, June 1, 2012

Weston's 1 Year Anniversary

Today is a big day for a special heart family we met at CHOP. Weston has been in the hospital for 1 year today! He is one of the most vibrant, funny kids I know. He is full of life and always ready to play. He is pretty famous around CHOP...everyone knows his name. Weston is frequently seen walking down the hallway of the CICU wearing some awesome costume escorted by his "entourage" of nurses and respiratory therapists! He has also been able to roller blade and bike through the cardiac unit! He recently just graduated kindergarten and attended the prom at CHOP. 

Its so funny how things work out sometimes. Before we actually met Weston and his family, we found out that they were from northeast Tennessee too! Weston loves Pal's just as much as we all do =) We finally were able to meet Weston, his mom, his grandmother, and one of his sisters and we love them all! This family is amazing and puts true meaning to the phrase "making the best out of a bad situation". From talking to this family you would never know that Weston is waiting on a new heart and lungs. They are so incredibly positive and have the best attitude about their situation. 
This family sets an example we should all follow!

Although it is sad to think that any kid should have to spend an entire year of their life in a hospital (on top of all of his previous hospital stays), things are looking up. Weston has stepped down to the CCU and will be discharged soon! He has made amazing progress! Although he is still a very sick kid who needs a heart/lung transplant, being out of the hospital will give him and his family a more normal life. I couldn't be happier for this precious family =)

From the Willis family to the Keeton family, Happy 1 Year Hospitaliversary! 

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