Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We have been incredibly busy for the past two days. Jensen has improved so much since the last post. He was extubated yesterday and did really well with that. They put him on the high flow nasal cannula. Last night he did great but was wide awake all night and Jeremy and I had to take shifts (we each only slept for a couple of hours). Today was a little rough respiratory wise because he has a lot of junk in his lungs. He's been coughing and his voice is still very weak. He ended up needing breathing treatments and those made him hypertensive and tachycardic. It was incredibly stressful for Jeremy and I to see him with numbers that high. However, he looks and sounds better tonight than he did this morning.For now, clearing out his lungs ad weaning down his oxygen is a big goal.

Today at 3pm marked 48 hours of being seizure free!!He was taken off of the video EEG this afternoon. His team also took him off one of the three seizure meds. He is scheduled for a repeat Head CT on Friday. Hopefully there will be no change in his brain bleed. Thankfully he won't have to be intubated for that, they will give him oral meds.

His platelet count has finally evened out some and he hasn't needed transfusions as frequently. The are still waiting on test results to find out about the heparin induced thrombocytopenia (which means he is too sensitive to heparin and bleeds too much). That test will determine what type of meds he can go on for future bleeds and caths.

Dr. Fuller is really pleased with where he is right now. He is tolerating his continuous NG tube feeds and is much less swollen. He looks like himself again (just a slightly more beat-up looking Jensen). He had one chest tube taken out yesterday and the other should come out tomorrow, along with the two pacing wires. Although he still has a central line and pacing wires in his heart, Dr. Fuller insisted that I get to hold him today! He and I both needed it... it made a world of difference.

We are so grateful to have family here. They were able to help out with Jensen today while Jeremy and I caught up on sleep during lunch. They remind us to eat, bring us food when we can't leave Jensen's room, and do everyday things we don't have time for (like laundry, thanks Mom!). We can not thank everyone enough for your emails, messages, gifts, thoughts, and prayers, We are so blessed to have so many people supporting us and rooting for Jensen :)

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