Thursday, June 28, 2012

Show off

Jensen is notorious for surprising people (that can be good and bad). He has a small part of his lung that is collapsed so his team put him on high flow oxygen to help open it back up. We have also been moving him and doing chest PT frequently. He still has a bad cough and plenty of secretions but he is sounding better. He actually doesn't need as much oxygen as he is on but they want to work on his lung. His sats have been high 80s, which is fantastic for a hypoplast at this stage! He is making Dr. Fuller (and us) very proud!

Tonight they took out his arterial line! It was in high groin and looked very painful so we are relieved they finally pulled it! Now he is getting his meds through the NG tube and he has one IV just in case they need it. Basically we are waiting on his lungs to clear up so we can get off the high flow and then s work on feeds. He has turned the corner and is doing great :)

This is him just after they pulled the chest tube intercardiac line, and paving wires. And his sats are awesome :)

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