Friday, December 21, 2012

Home for Christmas

Our trip went so well and we are home in time for Jensen's first Christmas =) We could not be happier with how smoothly everything went and how nicely Jensen recovered! I had so many cute pictures of our trip, I'm including a bunch!
  Jensen is such a great traveler! He did awesome on the trip up, he played the whole time! My parents met us at the airport and we went back to their hotel for a bit then we went to our favorite restaurant, The White Dog Cafe, for brunch! I would take a trip to Philly just to have a mimosa and chocolate chip waffles from White Dog...yum!

He was being such a ham =) He has so much personality and laughs ALL THE TIME! It doesn't matter what Jeremy does or says, Jensen thinks he's hilarious! We get a kick out of hearing that precious laugh, it never gets old. 

Jensen was totally wiped out both days of testing, but still managed to look adorable. 

Don't let this sweet face fool you, this was right before his echo that he screamed through! He has always done pretty well with echoes but he was just too tired for this one! Its a wonder they got any images at all.

The staff at our hotel are amazing. We have stayed at the same hotel for every trip and they make sure we have everything we need. They treat us so well and always ask about how Jensen is doing. We are so lucky to have found them! We had them take a quick family pic the morning of the cath. 

Jensen and daddy waiting to go back for his cath. We waited around for about 3 hours and man it was tough keeping the boy happy for that long!

He had his trusty Blue Puppy to keep him company and thank goodness for the little TVs over the beds! He watched a LOT of cartoons to help pass the time. 

This little stinker also passed the time by flirting and waving at all the nurses. I think they put him in the room by the front desk for a reason ;) He is such a ladies' man!

Post-cath! He had to lay flat for 6 hours which was hard, but he did sleep for some of it. He was so happy to be able to sit up and be held! Also, he was totally fluid overloaded so his face looks super puffy in these pictures! He was a very thirsty boy when he woke up plus he had IV fluids!

The cath went very well and although he did need interventions, the narrowing he had was more mild than they previous thought. Dr. Rome went ahead and opened up all three areas just to optimize flow through the stents and arch but he really didn't need that much work done. Now that he's had his "tune up" Dr. Rychik is hoping that we won't have to go back for a full year! As always, Jensen will determine when its time to go back by how he grows and what his sats look like. 

Of course, we had our favorite person in the world stop by to visit! Dr. Fuller was amazed at how big our "little" man is! Although he fussed for a minute, he actually let her hold him! Anyone who knows Jensen knows what an amazing feat this is!

I'm so glad that Dr. Fuller got to see some of the cute things Jensen does =) I've been telling her how amazing he is doing so it is awesome to see them together! He really does love her...and so do we! 

I can't believe how short this trip was! Even though the trip home was full of flight delays, running through the airport, and a long drive home, we are so thankful to all be together at our own house. We were so worried about this cath and are amazed at how well Jensen came through. We are so looking forward to having our first Christmas together =)  Thank you all for your prayers and messages, it really does make all the difference. I will ask for one more prayer request: please remember my heart family. There are families that do not get to be home for the holidays because they have kids in the hospital waiting for transplants, recovering from surgeries, or fighting off illnesses. Also there are too many heart moms and dads we know that will spend Christmas missing their warriors. I hope they are able to find peace through the holidays, even though they are missing their sweet angels.

I hope you all have wonderful, healthy holidays! Merry Christmas <3


  1. Jensen looks incredible...prayers from Memphis and praying for the heart families as well. Love from the Carrs

  2. Glad everything went well! He is an adorable little boy! Merry Christmas! ~ Kathy Webb & family