Friday, July 27, 2012

Pics from our weekend in Virginia

Jensen has been doing great the past week. We had an appointment with a lactation consultant on Wednesday and she helped me with his latch. Guess who hasn't had a bottle since then?! My little man has gone from feeding from an NG tube only to exclusively breastfeeding! I never thought I would be able to nurse him. I tried to never get my hopes up and settled on pumping day in and day out for him. All that hard work finally paid off and I kept up a supply until he was ready to nurse. To say I'm ecstatic would be an understatement!!

Although he is eating great and very often, we are still working on his weight gain. He's not gained or lost weight significantly since we have been home. Its definitely something we will keep an eye on. We are also watching his constipation. The poor little guy has a broken pooper. I'm sure that being on thickened breast milk for so long has caused his constipation. Tonight he had some bloody stool so we are taking him in to sick hours at the pediatrician tomorrow. I'm certain its just from straining, but better safe than sorry. Now that you are all up to date on the status of Jensen's's some pictures I've been meaning to post!

The sisters minus one! We miss you Shannon, Mikey, Abbie, and Emily!

Adison and Jensen's first time meeting. He was SO excited as you can tell from the red face and screaming.  
Grandmama and Jensen, he was getting so tired at this point! 
Miss Adi! She's so stinkin cute!

Us with Nana and Poppaw =)

Play pen buddies! 

The poor kid never has any toys to play with (rolls eyes!!!)

Somebody is sleeeepy

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