Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glenn Pics

Some of these might be pics I have already posted, but I wanted everyone to be able to see the recovery process. Enjoy!
Going back for the pre-surgical cath. No interventions were needed and everything went great!

Hungry after waking up!

Pre-surg neuro consult with Dr. Licht. Jensen HATED the EEG! Dr. Licht was thoroughly impressed with Jensen though!  

Getting in lots of playtime and snuggles on the night before surgery. 

Just after his chest was closed. We thought things were heading in the right direction. A couple hours later we found out about his strokes and seizures. This was one of the hardest days of our lives. 

Very swollen and on the continuous video EEG. His seizures took a couple days and three medications to control. He had no outward signs of seizures (they were subclinical) but every few hours we would get a call from neurology to up his medication. It felt like they would never end. 

48 hours seizure free! EEG came off and he was ready to be extubated! Finally!

Dr. Fuller and Jeremy's brother both sent us a picture of the double rainbow. One was for Jensen and one was for another heart kiddo that passed the afternoon. (RIP Danny <3)

Off the vent! I could finally hold my baby! Even though he still had an intercardiac line and pacing wires, Dr. Fuller pushed for me to get to hold him. It took some careful maneuvering but it was so worth it!

Snuggling with blue puppy. (BTW, blue puppy is disgusting after this hospital stay. He needs a bath.)

All of Jensen's equipment, which was actually a lot less than after the Norwood. 

He was started on feeds and was being weaned down on the high flow nasal cannula. He was doing better and better each day!

Clothes! Jensen finally got to wear something other than a diaper =)

Speech consult went more feeding tube!

He was finally getting back to his normal chunky self.
Chest PT. We did this a LOT to help clear up his lungs. It paid off...his x-rays looked great after a couple of days!

Play time in the CCU!

Now you know the meaning of "blue babies". He turns this color when he gets mad. In our case that would be at 8 am and 8 pm every day when he has to take his meds. 

He's ready to go!

Waiting on our discharge papers!

Dr. Fuller came to tell us bye ;(

He totally fell asleep like this!

This is Jensen's first girlfriend...he loves her <3

She touched our baby's heart. She is our hero.  
Until next time...


  1. Amazing pictures!! You are the strongest woman I know!!!!!

  2. An amazing story of a beautiful family! Gods miracles continue on....may u all continue with a happy fun time! U all deserve so very mich!