Sunday, November 4, 2012

Growing up

The last couple of weeks have been jam packed with lots of growing up and firsts for Jensen! He is doing so well in physical therapy. Since he started sitting up he has just taken off and done amazing things. Although he does have some weakness on his left side from the stroke, he has already overcome much of that. He is now beginning to "even out" and strengthen his back muscles (he was previously only using his stomach muscles) so he sits up straight, even though its hard to catch a picture of it!

We have been weaning ourselves off of checking his sats so often. Now we only check his sats while he is sleeping every couple of days. I must say I am loving the freedom from the pulse ox. I actually sometimes forget about checking his sats because he seems so "normal" to me. 

Jensen is such a big eater these days! He loves almost anything we give him, especially carrots! He gets excited when he sees food and likes to help feed himself by grabbing the spoon (and sometimes clapping on the spoon, which makes food splatter everywhere). So many HLHSers have issues with feeding and we have been so lucky with Jensen. He eats like a champion and does not have any trouble gaining you see all those rolls?!

We took Jensen to his first pumpkin patch! He was not too interested in taking pictures, but did love playing with the hay bales. He was super cute in his Halloween outfit and loved watching us carve pumpkins later. 

Speaking of's pics of our little outlaw biker on his first Halloween =) Oh man we had so much fun getting this costume together and taking a million pictures! We looked through a ton of costume ideas and finally decided that although the typical baby animal costumes were cute, our babe is tough. So we dressed him up as the tough guy that we all know he is! (Plus, we are big fans of SoA so we got a kick out of this! hah!) I know, I know, too much cuteness right?!

Jensen is so observant and interested in what is going on around him. I see big things for his future (world famous molecular biologist perhaps?). Jensen's personality is shining through more and more and he has been such a blast to play with lately. He changes constantly and learns new things every day. Just today he sat up in the buggy at the store for the first time and he fed himself dinner (which made me cry!). He is now working on his third tooth and will be getting his first haircut very soon.He's growing up way too fast.

 With the holidays coming up I am so excited to take him to all the festivities and start our own family traditions. I know he will love looking at Christmas lights and our Christmas tree. He may be too young to understand what is going on, but we are determined to make the holidays extra special for him. We feel so blessed to have him with us after all the heartache we have all been through. I can't imagine our life without him and I'm going to make sure he knows just how loved he is. (That means our house will look like the Griswold's  this year to impress our very observant baby!)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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