Thursday, August 23, 2012

Half Birthday!

Jensen turned 6 months old yesterday! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! I am so grateful to have him and couldn't picture our life any other way. This time last year I had just started my last semester of college and I was about 14 weeks pregnant with Jensen. I was getting so anxious about our anatomy scan...all I cared about was confirming that he was a boy. I never thought there would be anything wrong...but that's for another blog! 

He's so handsome!

6 months ago we started the scariest journey of our lives. I had no idea what it would be like to be a mother, let alone a heart mom. I was worried, happy, terrified, and relieved when I heard that beautiful cry. Jensen was born fighting and hasn't stopped since. In half of a year he has taught us more about life than I've learned in 23 years on this earth. All the hours I've spent studying, reading, researching...they never prepared me for life with this sweet boy. He has overcome so much in such a short time, I can't believe how strong he is. Jeremy and I will continue to fight for him because he continues to show us how resilient he is. I'm so lucky to be his mama =)

Chillin' by the pool

In other news, Jensen has been working on those muscles of his! He's doing great in physical therapy and continues to improve throughout the week as we work with him. He has an evaluation for occupational therapy coming up which will be perfect timing because he will be starting solids soon. I'm hopeful it will go well but its common for heart kids to have issues with textures, gagging, and oral aversions. He's still nursing like a champ so I know we can fall back on that while he adjusts to solid food. 
Mean muggin'

Jensen is on his last two weeks of phenobarbital and then he will be completely weaned off! Yay! This is such a big step because it was a HUGE volume he was taking twice a day that tasted horrible! Meds are always a fight but hopefully without phenobarb things will be a little easier. We have a follow-up neurology appointment soon so we will see how impressed they are with him ;)

We had another poop explosion. I think this is the only time its acceptable to put your child in a plastic bag! This caught all the extra that was dripping everywhere! Yuck!
We have a cardiology appointment next week. I always get so anxious about these because I know his cath is coming fast. When we were discharged CHOP told us to expect a cath in 6 months to a year. This is to dilate his pulmonary artery stent and superior vena cava stent. I know my kid and I'm certain that we will need to go back sooner rather than later. We have been keeping an eye on his sats (which will let us know when he's ready for a cath) and we are expecting him to be on home oxygen before we go back to Philly. So far we haven't had an issues post-Glenn and I hope he keeps it that way. I hope Jensen steadily declines his sats and we get to CHOP without any need to rush. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he sticks with the plan ;)

Love these two =)

Please continue to keep the Dorsett family in your prayers. Their son Hayden earned his angel wings on August 16. He is being laid to rest tomorrow. I hope his parents find peace but I can't imagine the heartache they feel. Here is the announcement of his services.

For Hayden <3

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