Thursday, May 3, 2012

Growing, Growing, Growing!

Jensen had cardio and pediatric appointments this week. We saw Dr. Robinson on Monday and he was amazed at how big Jensen is. My big guy is over 13 pounds now!! He gained about 2 pounds in 2 weeks! So, we have backed off on his calorie intake. He is now getting 22 cal/oz; breast milk is 20 cal/oz. That means that soon we won't have to fortify his milk anymore...yay! (That will save us so much time!)

Once again, Jensen was a perfect little angel during his echo and they got great images. His heart function is awesome and his right ventricle looks strong and is pumping well. There weren't any areas of narrowing or leakage. Dr. Robinson was so happy with his heart that he said we really didn't need to see him every two weeks. However, this crazy mama asked for appointments every two weeks just to keep my anxiety level down ;)

The pediatric appointment didn't go as well. Jensen is ok, he just had to have blood work and vaccines. I thought if we could just get both over with in the same day it would be easier for him but....I was wrong. The poor thing has cried so much today and has band-aids all over him =(  We will be keeping him dosed on Tylenol so hopefully that helps.

Jensen finally got to see his Gammy and Poppy again. They stopped by and stayed for a couple of days, they hadn't seen him since before he was discharged from CHOP. We are looking forward to taking a beach trip with them after his second surgery!

My chunky baby =)

Jensen and his Gammy and Poppy!

He's such a snuggler

Pouty face

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