Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting closer to the Glenn

It has really hit us hard this week that we are very close to Jensen's next surgery. We are dreading it even more than the last (if that is possible). Jensen is just now learning how to play and he's holding his head up so well, he's showing us more of his precious personality everyday! I think that will make the Glenn a little harder than the last one :( 

This week we had an appointment with the ENT in Chapel Hill. All of our docs at UNC have been great so far, except for this one. I'm not sure who let him practice medicine, but I think my 6 year old niece could have done a better job. He was incredibly condescending to us while we were trying to explain Jensen's vocal cord paralysis and feeding routine. He especially didn't like when I told him that before he did any procedures I wanted to consult with his cardiologist. But, being the mama bear I am, he didn't get near my child until he called our cardio =) 

 If anyone is keeping score, its now Medical Professinonals: 0, Mama: 1 million 

So after all that mess, he looked at Jensen's vocal cords and saw no paralysis. This is not definitive but it is exciting news! Its one step closer to getting the NG tube out! Our plan for now is to try and set up his swallow study at CHOP while we are there for the next surgery. That way we can have his cardiac team there monitoring him for the study. I'm sure Jensen is going to do great...this boy is ready to eat! 

He is growing so much, he's 13 lbs 8 oz! He had his 2 months shots, which were hard on everyone in our house. He's getting more coordinated with his hands and pulled out his tube for the first time! So I took that opportunity to get some tube-less pictures of our little munchkin. 

Chunky monkey!

He was not excited about getting the tube put back in

My handsome boy =)

Calming him down before we drop a new tube =/

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