Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One day closer

As Jeremy and I frantically prepare for our trip, I'm becoming more and more anxious about everything. I'm nervous about labor, seeing Jensen for the first time, how stable he will be at birth, finding any new abnormalities on his first echo, the surgery itself... I could go on forever. Although there are so many unknowns coming up, I am also one day closer to seeing our little guy =) I can't wait to "kiss his face off" as my family would say!

Our plans for the last few days at home are: take the dogs to Jeremy's parents house (we're going to miss them so much!), finishing packing, have the car seat installed, cook a few more meals to freeze, go to the insurance office (AGAIN) and of course, frantic nesting!

In other exciting news, I finally was able to set up a PayPal account for the Willis Family Heart Fund! We are PayPal verified and can accept donations directly from the blog. Once a donation is made, that person will receive a standard receipt through PayPal but I will also email them a copy of our receipt with the tax information on it.

We are so grateful for all the well-wishes and prayers as we begin this crazy roller coaster journey!
Our next post will be published from Philadelphia! Whoohoo =)

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