Monday, January 16, 2012

Blankets, Hats, and More!

The countdown has begun! We have less than two weeks until we leave for CHOP! On the to-do list this week: fetal echo in Cary, OB appt, growth scan, and dealing with more insurance (ughh). I've also got to start cleaning and packing for our trip, since the only cleaning/organizing I've done is in Jensen's room. Let's face it: Jensen's mess is much cuter than our mess.

As far as the fund goes, we've had people asking us questions about how to donate. If you are writing a check, write it to Willis Family Heart Fund. If you want to make a deposit, contact Jeremy and he can give you all the info you need. We have a button on the right side of the blog with contact info (under our awesome new Heart Fund logo!). 

In other news, another one of my sisters, Jeri, has decided to sell her beautiful blankets and baby hats. The money will go to the Willis Family Heart Fund. This blanket is beautiful and it is already packed in Jensen's little suitcase! The hats are also packed and ready to go to keep his cute little head warm in Philly =) She and my niece Jordan hand-make each one of these. If you would like to order, contact Jeri at or contact me for more info. I'm posting pics of the ones she has already made but if you would like specific colors, let her know! The blankets in the pictures are folded over twice, so they are a perfect, large size for bundling! These blankets are so soft and the best part?? 
They are washable! 

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