Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The final stretch

We are in the home stretch of preparations for the Fontan. We leave for Philadelphia in a week! It has gone by so fast! We are trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can while avoiding crowds...which is pretty hard to do. After the stomach virus hit our house last week, we decided to cancel all of our outings we had planned, including Sesame Street Live and his weekly therapy appointments. We were super disappointed to miss out on those things but its just too risky this close to surgery. 
We have to keep our boy healthy!

Jensen has been doing some pretty amazing things lately...like counting to 10 on his own?! Seriously, how smart is this kid?! He also had an awesome weekend with his Gammy and Poppy, they wore themselves out! Then Jensen had his first adventure on a slip-n-slide! It was all fun and games until someone bashed their head on the ground! haha! Jensen was fine but that definitely ended our slip-n-slide escapade for the day!

As per usual, I have a mile long list of things to accomplish before we leave and no motivation to do them. I would so much rather spend time with my little man outside! There are a few things I will need YOUR help with though!

1. Please put Jensen on every prayer list from Kingsport, TN to Monterey, CA and everywhere in between. Specifically, pray that Jensen has no neurological complications, minimal bleeding from his extensive scar tissue, and a successful operation. He is very much at risk during this surgery and we know he is a stubborn kid, so pray that he cooperates with Drs. Fuller & Nicolson!

2. We are asking everyone to go RED FOR JENSEN! On the day of his surgery, June 6 (D-Day of course...how appropriate...) I would love for everyone to wear something red to show your love and support for our boy! Post your pics on our Facebook group, Willis Family Heart, or on the

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