Thursday, August 22, 2013

A day in the life

 Jensen is now 18 months old!! That seems so unreal to me, where has the time gone?! So I thought I would do a photoblog to show you what its like being a super cute superhero!

We do this almost every day. He loves to walk laps around the yard while pushing his toy (which he totally doesn't need to walk, but he insists on pushing it everywhere!)

I love that fluffy cloth diaper butt of his!

I wasn't kidding, he LOVES to push this thing around every day!

Any time he hears a car (or lawn mower or airplane) he starts waving! He's the neighborhood greeter!

He thinks mommy is hilarious =)

We read...all.the.time. His favorite book is Me & My Dad, closely followed by the Llama Llama books

Jensen is busy being ridiculously gorgeous most of the day.
Yes...he loves to play with my phone. Elmo Calls is his favorite app. He signs "juice" to ask to play Elmo. How that association happened I have no idea??

This is his mad face bc I took something away from him! He's got his daddy's temper ;)
He's cheating! He puts the sign for "eat" and the sign for "more" together and this is what he does! Little stinker always finds shortcuts!

This big smile is because I fed him roast and potatoes. He seriously love to eat!! 
He's such a daredevil and loves to climb around on things

Snackin' with Elmo

While I'm cooking he likes to busy himself in the kitchen too. He gets out our boxes of K-Cups and throws them everywhere! We find coffee in odd places these days.
Working on his ride =)

Showing me his scary face! hehe, I love it!
Oh how he loves snacks

This is the look I get when I tell him no! He puffs his chest up like he's some kind of wild animal. Haha...there's only a certain amount of ferocity when you are wearing nothing but a Charlie Banana.

Its been so rainy this summer he's been sporting his rain gear a lot!

Rainy day ensemble #2
And he also love the iPad. What can I say he's an Apple fan! His favorite app is Mr. Potato Head

I have to give him millions of kisses bc he's so darn irresistible!He likes to give kisses back, but he doesn't actually kiss you, he just makes the sound...its adorable.

This is his "Bat-Mobile" that he loves to ride! He is also showing me his silly face haha!

He crawls all over me! I'm his personal jungle gym!

He love getting dirty! It makes me cringe but he has so much fun!

Getting some practice in...

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