Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tales from Jensen's first Easter

Jensen will be 7 weeks old tomorrow! Goodness, its going by so fast! I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend. Ours was quiet (well, as quiet as a house can be with a screaming baby). We dressed up, took pictures, gave Jensen his Easter basket which he wasn't so interested in, and we grilled out a delicious dinner. It was pretty much perfect...except for the Easter surprise Jensen gave mommy...
Awww so sweet

...not so sweet.

So after our Sunday stroll around the neighborhood I picked Jensen up out of his stroller and heard a splat on the floor. That was the sound of poop hitting the floor. A lot of poop. Now some of you might be offended by looking at a picture of the poop, but I LIVED it, so get over it! It was everywhere: the stroller, the floor (throughout the house), my dress, a scoop of it in my hands, between his toes, etc, etc....
Needless to say, the kid got an impromptu bath. Other than that, it was a great day! 

Jensen just had his evaluation to determine what services he qualifies for through NC's Early Intervention program. A physical therapist came to the house to do testing on him. He did great and was mostly cooperative! He does have issues favoring one side of his neck, due to the ECMO cannula being there for so long. This causes him to be unable to track moving objects properly. However, for all that he has been through, he is doing well. He is beginning to hold his head up on his own, grasps things well, smiles all the time, and moves his arms and legs appropriately for his age. He definitely qualified for physical therapy and speech therapy, we should hear back in the next week if he needs any other services. 

Tomorrow we are off to Cary to see Dr. Robinson for a cardio appt! This will be the first time he has met Jensen and I can't wait to show him off =) 

I'll leave you with some cuteness for the road...

This counts as tummy time so we've been baby wearing a lot!!

I'm sexy and I know it...I work out (hence the track suit!)

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